Get involved with EPIC Homes!

Get involved with EPIC Homes!

Hope this finds you as fit as a fiddle and ready to continue on your EPIC journey! Indeed, the growth of the EPIC community is in your hands, and all we ask is for some of your time. 

There are so many activities going on that you can be a part of that are directly related to the build! 

This page will update you on upcoming events such as footing and logistics, Identification Sundays where we get to know families and visit new villages or making furniture at the Facility.



Join us for an upcoming FOOTING AND LOGISTICS run

  • For Footing, you will be tasked aiding the Core Team for to lay the foundations for the build. It is done before the actual Build as it allows the Build to move along smoothly
  • As for the Logistics Run, you will be assisting the Core Team to collect building materials (i.e. Steel Structure, timber, etc.)  and transporting equipments and tools from The Facility to the build site. 
Certainly, Footing and Logistics story is an EPIC tale waiting to be unfold, we need your help to make it happen. Plus, you are joining a build, the Footing and Logistics run serves as an opportunity to survey and gives you an idea on how to prepare for your 3-day build! (Sunblock!)
You may register your interest to join a  


Village Expedition Weekend (ViEW) : Explorers WANTED!

Join us to get to know the Orang Asl, understand their current situation and investigate ways to improve their living conditions. We will be headed to a couple of villages to further our mission in providing homes to those living small and unsafe houses. Indeed, we have a daunting task at hand and need all the help we can get.

We're going out to these remote villages to get to know the Orang ASli and find out more about their current situation. This will help our mission to provide all Orang
Asli with a safe home as well as build relationships to help us recognise, understand and ease their burden.

Get to know new Orang Aslis, understand their current situation and investigate ways to improve their living conditions.
1. Fill up form below and we will get back to you within one working day. 
2. Join us at The Facility, Bandar Sunway,for a mission brief. 
(Details regarding meeting points, village destinations and duty scope will be discussed then) 
3. Be an Explorer and enjoy the V
iEW! (pun intended)


This programme is open to those interested, of any age and any gender. So feel free to share this with your friends and family! Thank you for your kind support


If you have queries, contact us at