Radical dreamers, courageous trailblazers, selfless team players.
We believe in the collective power of people.

John-son Oei

Founder & CEO

A graduate of Mass Communication & Media Management, John-Son has made a commitment to revolutionize the way we think about tackling social challenges, where he believes “mass numbers of people engaging in tiny purposeful actions” is key to sustainable social change. Not willing to conform to the status quo he strives to go beyond the ordinary to play his part and help make the world a better place. This passion has led him to being selected as Regional Dean and Trustee of The Awesome Foundation, Malaysia’s official flag bearer for the 2012 Commonwealth day in the presence of the Queen Elizabeth in conjunction with the Queens Diamond Jubilee, recipient of the KLue Blue Chilli Award 2010, and Tatler’s Nokia E7 success circle in 2011.

Jayne Kennedy

Co-Founder, Relationships & Communications

Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Advertising and Graphic Design, Jayne developed a deep interest in personal growth and development through her background in advertising and experiential training. Jayne seeks to unlock, harness and connect likeminded individuals through worthwhile causes, building a community of change-makers along the way.

Most EPIC thing: Let's go for a drink and I'll tell you a story or two!

Loh Jon Ming

Co-Founder, HR & Finance

Jon Ming always has an eye on watching how things work. Being the head of Finance in EPIC, he always looks for ways to systemise things and break things down to problems which can be addressed. In fact, when he was much younger, he used to roam around the house and take apart radios, TVs and Walkmans just to see how it's manufactured. Perhaps that explains his particular interest in DIY and design, where he currently runs a wedding decor rental and furniture-making business on the side.

Most EPIC thing: Gave a motivational welcome speech to a batch of 200 freshmen at Sunway University as part of their orientation

Nickson Tan

Head of Design, Engineering and Construction

Insert description here.

Most EPIC thing: -


Special Projects

Suwen comes to EPIC with a Fine Arts degree and experience running her own education startup. She loves exchanging life stories over tea or ice cream and going on train adventures. She believes in staying teachable and that it is always a privilege to give more than to receive. When not having long 5 hour meetings with her teammates she helps Food Artist @leesamantha manage her business and attempts to pursue a career as an artist.

You can follow Suwen's dog @chubichowchow on Instagram

Most EPIC thing: Train ride around China for 2 months & start my own company without any industrial knowledge. This could be the most stupid thing I've done as well.

Stephen To

JERRI - Joint EPIC Records & Recruitment Initiative

Stephen graduated from the University of Warwick with a Masters in Civil Engineering. He enjoys spending his days taking long walks with his imaginary golden retrievers Bartholomew III and Tyrone and playing computer games on the super cool computer he built for himself. His long eyelashes are the envy of many women and his vices are coffee, alcohol and shopping. He occasionally tries to woo JC with his guitar and serenading but with no avail.

Most EPIC thing: Attempted to understand the effect of pedestrian and structure interaction on the vibration response of footbridges using a theoretical model of a two semi damped mass system, as his dissertation. I semi understood it.

Sherlyn Yong

Community Impact & Engagement Developer

Armed with a degree in Bsc (hons) Psychology Sherlyn is passionate to help those who are needy. She stands alongside the board and assist the company as they chart their way forward to a massive vision. Though it’s scary heading into the unknown, into the often unchartered waters of change, she believes in her EPIC family to help her path her way together. She's loves to travel to different states to visit orang asli families to build trust and grow friendships and of course spread her infectious smile!

Most EPIC thing: Make DAMNN A LOT of Orang Asli friends!

Zhi Yang Soon

Volunteer Mobilization & Development

Zhiyang graduated from Warwick with some engineering degree. We suspect he only went there because he likes the cold. He is a big believer of avoiding KL traffic at all times, only eats vanilla ice cream and anything that tastes like Kit Kat. When not grossing his teammates out, he likes to create flowcharts and frequent terrible Japanese restaurants like Rakuzen. He currently holds the title for the Most Epic Malaysian Accent.

Most EPIC thing: Hitchhiked from UK to Morocco.

Sara Loh

Community Impact & Engagement Developer

After graduating with a music & development studies degree, Sara started out as a community facilitator and researcher in Penang's nonprofit arts scene while venturing into villages and jungles in her free time to make new Orang Asli and Asal friends. The latter is now part of her full time job at EPIC! Off-hours are filled with food, music and exploring.

Most EPIC thing: Conquered Gunung Tahan with a group of hippie hikers :D

Ben Phua

Design & Construction

We hope that Ben has graduated with a degree in Architecture, but as he is a man of few words we can't be sure. He has lived in Australia for a certain time period but returned with an American accent. So perhaps he is a spy. It seems he holds only a few loves in his life - Coffee, Ping pong and Bagels with Salmon. But those may be acts put on to throw us off his true identity. He may be building a WMD in his secret laboratory.

Most EPIC thing: All will be revealed soon. Or not.



Often intrigued by many things old school but deems herself unconventional. Certified thinker.

Most EPIC thing: Baked egg tarts

Jia Chiun Ker

The IT Department

404 Not Found

Most EPIC thing: Conquered the highest mountain in Semenanjung Malaysia with no hiking or camping experience.