Who is JERRI?

Who is JERRI?

While some of you might already be very familiar with JERRI as you may've been receiving updates or sending in your queries to IT, most must be wondering who  JERRI is. Well, JERRI literally stands for Joint EPIC Recruitment and Records Initiative (yeah, it's a mouthful. Put simply, JERRI is a system that records all of your  activity at EPIC and churns it into points and (eventually) rewards like goodies from Camp5, Jumpstreet, Pickle & Fig, etc. etc. It aims to be your one stop go to department to join our  many fun activities or post a query. 

Find out what's happening

Stay tuned to what's going on in EPIC. 
Find an activity that piques your interest and hone it by doing good at the same time
(i.e. enjoy playing football? Coach and play football at Kg. Hulu Tamu through the BCFP. Find out more>>)

Join our fun activities and programmes! 

Join our many activities and programmes organised by EPIC Homes and EPIC+.
(EPIC+ is a division in EPIC that collaborate with other parties to common goal)

Keep track of the collective goal!

Understand your impact in these communities and earn rewards for doing good! 
JERRI facilitates your crucial role in this ecosystem and together we are;